Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace

he construction of the fort started during the reign of Hyder Ali and was completed in 1791, during the rule of Tipu Sultan. Among the several unique aspects of the two-storeyed palace are its huge wooden pillars, glorifying brackets and its all- around idyllic and placid setting. After the death of Tipu Sultan, the British used the monument for its Secretariat until about 1868, before moving to Attara Kacheri.

Karnataka. India

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Tipu Sultan’s palace: 

Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace, also known as Dariya Daulat Bagh, meaning “wealth of the sea” has attracted visitors since long. The palace, which was once believed was the main summer home of Tipu Sultan was known”the ‘Abode of Happiness as well as “Envy of Heaven’ by the architect himself. It was built on a foundation of stone, with columns made of teak, and with artistic interiors This palace is considered to be among the top intriguing locations to visit during the Mysore trip.

Architecture and history of Tipu Sultan Summer Palace Srirangapatna close to Mysore

The architect wasn’t Hyder Ali Khan who started construction of this palace in year 1778. The construction began by the son of Tipu Sultan in 1784 AD. This palacewas surrounded by the vast expanse of gardens which enhances its architectural splendor.

The palace was built with the Indo Saracenic style of architecture This palace was constructed with stone, wood mortar, and plaster. It is two stories high. The palace is constructed in the rectangular form with wide corridors, as well as wooden pilasters. Its front is adorned with enormous wooden pillars and a base of stone. It is adorned with arches and brackets that are colorfully painted, which further emphasize the carvings on the pillars. On the western and eastern side are walls, and on the on the two sides is a bays that have pilasters.

The palace is beautifully decorated with floral designs and a variety of hues. The stunning work on the ceilings and walls add to the beauty of the palace even more. The upper rooms of the palace are reached via four stairs. The interiors of the palace have been decorated with floral designs, while on the exterior walls, one can find pictures of various battles, events, and portraits. The ceiling made of wood in the palace is decorated with floral designs. The rooms, which are known”Zenana quarters” Zenana quarters are equally stunning. Then there is a gigantic mausoleum in the vicinity, referred to as Gumbaz and was constructed by Tipu Sultan to house the graves of the father Hyder Ali and himself.

There is also an exhibit hall. The palace is home to a variety of items displayed that belong with Tipu Sultan, and Hyder Ali. For instance, the clothes of Tipu Sultan as well as his crown, the Silver vessel belonging to Hyder Ali, war weapons and coins, and more. are on display in this gallery. The first floor includes rare sketches as well as block prints and paintings of the most famous personalities and occasions. “Storming of Srirangapatna” is an oil painting of Sir Robert Ker Porter dating back to the 1800s is among the most appealing collections of the museum.

Timings and Entry fee of Tipu Sultan Summer Palace

The opening hours for Tipu’s Summer Palace are from 10 am to 6 pm on weekdays throughout the year On Sundays, it opens from 8.30 from 8.30 to 5.30 pm. The minimum amount for entry fees to the Tipu Sultan’s Palace i.e. Rs. 15For tourists who are not from India the entry fees are Rs.200$ per person. Photography is permitted at the palace with no additional cost.

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“A mud fort established by the ruler
Kempe Gowda was known to be the foundation
of modern-day Bengaluru.”

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