Lalbagh Botanical Garden is located in Bangalore and is nationally and internationally renowned centre for botanical artwork, scientific study of plants and also conservation of plants. A haven for all nature lovers, Lal Bagh covers an area 240 acres in the heart of the city and has nearly 1,854 species of plants. 

Karnataka. India

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Lalbagh is a public garden in Bangalore, India, and is one of the oldest gardens in the city.

The Lalbagh Botanical Garden was originally laid out by Sir Mark Cubbon, the British commissioner of Mysore and later Lieutenant Governor of Bengal, as an experimental botanical garden.

Lalbagh has been a landmark for over two centuries and is one of Bangalore’s most popular tourist attractions. Lalbagh is a botanical garden in Bangalore, India. It was established by the British in 1760 and is located near the heart of Bangalore. The garden’s main entrance is on Residency Road, off Brigade Road.

Lalbagh is one of the most famous and iconic parks in Bangalore. It is a popular tourist destination, with people coming to visit the park from all over the world.

Lalbagh is located near Bangalore’s Central Business District. It is spread over 200 acres and includes a botanical garden, a deer park, an arboretum and a children’s amusement park.

The word Lalbagh means “garden of red flowers” in Urdu-Hindi language. This name was given because of the red flowers that would bloom there during spring season every year.

History of Lalbagh 

The garden was founded by Hyder Ali, the ruler of Mysore, who built a mansion within the walls of Lal Mahal which is a replica of the palace of his father Mir Mohamed Ali in the city of Gafat in the kingdom of Savanad in the northern part of India. The mansion is also known as Lal one of the oldest botanical gardens in India and it was founded in 1760 by Haider Ali and his son Tipu Sultan.

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“A mud fort established by the ruler
Kempe Gowda was known to be the foundation
of modern-day Bengaluru.”

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    Bangalore is known as the “Silicon Valley of India” (or “IT capital of India”) on account of its job as the country’s driving data innovation (IT) exporter.

    Bangalore, authoritatively known as Bengaluru, is the Capital of the Indian State of Karnataka.