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Mumbai (previously called Bombay) is one of the developed and populated cities in India.

Maharastra. India

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Located on an island in the Arabian Sea, Mumbai is home to the largest city in the world. It is connected to other cities by a narrow peninsula. It is home to some of the most famous brands. Almost all of them have a presence in the city. A major part of the culture of the city is based in this area.  Mumbai is India’s most populous city and its financial center and the gateway of India. Mumbai is known as the center of the Bollywood film industry. For shopping, Mumbai is a must-visit destination in India. You can find modern department stores as well as traditional bazaars. Most modern shops accept credit cards, but prices at private shops are usually negotiable, so you may need to bargain a bit. The city is also a major textile and fashion centre, and you can buy western-style designer clothes at Kemp’s Corner. The M. Karve Road north of Churchgate Station is the best place to find authentic Indian wear.

There are many things to do in Mumbai. It is home to the world’s largest movie industry, and its stars are idolized across the country. If you love movies, you should definitely visit Mumbai. The city’s cinemas are widely known, and Bollywood movies have a huge fan base. If you are a movie lover, then you’ll enjoy watching movies and shopping in the city. This is also the reason why people flock to Mumbai!


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Mumbai was at first called Bombay. The name came from a Portuguese essayist who referred to the spot as “Bom Baim” that signified “great minimal straight”. The name Mumbai was gotten from the neighborhood divinity ‘Mumba Devi’.

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    FAQ Mumbai

    The commercial capital of India. Well connected to the rest of India. Home to awesome cuisine and culture. A heaven for history aficionados.

    Extremely congested city. The local trains are always overcrowded. polluted.

    An ideal hotspot for history buffs and movie aficionados. Perfect for anybody who loves the beach and the monsoon season. Ideal for all sorts of tourists, primarily foreigners. looking to explore the beautiful city.

    The best time to visit Mumbai is from October to February. Mumbai receives copious rainfall during the monsoon. The city springs to life, with greenery everywhere. It is a good time for rain lovers to visit the city, have some local snacks and get drenched in the rains of Mumbai. Monsoon is the ideal time for taking a trek on the surrounding hills, because they look their greenest, with amazing waterfalls gushing down. Summer is not a good time to visit Mumbai because it is too hot and humid. During winter, the weather is pleasant, that is, it is neither too hot nor does the city receive incessant rainfall. Therefore, it is the ideal time to travel to Mumbai.

    Mumbai shows remarkable diversity in all its spheres and food is no exception. You can fill your stomach by spending INR 20 on two spicy, delicious vada pavs or a plate of steaming, hot idlis; or you can savour an excellent Japanese meal at Wasabi, Taj for INR 6000. Mumbai boasts of restaurants serving a large range of international cuisines – more than any other city in India. It also has a good balance of the north Indian and south Indian cuisines. It has happening pubs like Hard Rock Café (Worli / Andheri), The Little Door (Andheri) and Social (multiple locations) for those who like to party, and cheap places like Gokul (Colaba), Janta (Bandra) and Laxmi (Powai) for those who want to grab (more than) a few drinks with their friends. Sagar, Hotel Madhav Palace, Hotel Mohit Palace, SaffronStays Jaipura Garh, Angel Resort Sikar Highway, OYO 14565 Hotel Snazzy. You can see all the hotels in Jaipuof the richest street foods you might ever find.