Devarayanadurga or DD Hills which translates to “the fort of God” is a tranquil hill station located near Tumkur district in the state of Karnataka. Situated at an elevation of 4000 ft, Devarayanadurga is a perfect weekend getaway from Bangalore to live among the trees and visit the beautifully crafted temples.

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The Devarayanadurga hills are located in the Tumkur district of Karnataka, India. They are a part of the Eastern Ghats and are spread over an area of 58 km². The hills are named after the Hindu god, Devaraya.

The highest peak in the Devarayanadurga hills is Yediyurappa, which stands at 1,479 metres (4,851 ft) above sea level. The hills are a popular tourist destination, and are frequented by trekkers and rock climbers. There are also a few temples located in the hills.

The Devarayanadurga hills are a part of the Eastern Ghats and are made up of granite. The hills are named after the Hindu deity, Devarayana Durga. There are several temples located on the hills, including the Yoganarasimhaswamy temple, the Marikamba temple

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“A mud fort established by the ruler
Kempe Gowda was known to be the foundation
of modern-day Bengaluru.”

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    Bangalore, authoritatively known as Bengaluru, is the Capital of the Indian State of Karnataka.