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Best Time To Visit

November to March is the best time to visit Jaipur and other parts of Rajasthan as the weather ranges between 8-degree Celcius during nights to 32-degree Celcius in the day. Summers are extremely hot, and sightseeing isn’t a very joyful experience. Monsoons, on the other hand, are quite hot and humid which isn’t an ideal time to visit too. January is an excellent time to visit Jaipur because of the Kite Festival and also the Jaipur Literature Festival that’s held around this time. Sometime in the month of March, Jaipur witnesses the Elephant festival, just a day before Holi.

Weather in Jaipur

January21°/ 8° 1 days
Febuary 29°/ 15°1 days
March 27°/ 10°4 days
April40°/ 25°1 days
May42°/ 27°0 days
June 40°/ 28°4 days
July 34°/ 26°14 days
August30°/ 24° 24 days
September 32°/ 20°17 days
October33°/ 23°1 days
November32°/ 21°2 days
December 22°/ 8°2 days

More about Best Time to Travel to Jaipur

As Jaipur is a semi-desert city, the summer months of March to June are known to be extremely hot and sweltering. Temperature ranges from 34-degree Celsius to as high as 40-degree Celsius, making sightseeing an impossible task for individuals. Keep yourself hydrated as the heat could be scorching. However, summer brings forth the Elephant Festival in Jaipur, which is held in March, a day before Holi. The entire city is filled with entertainment and joy that’s almost enough to make you forget the heat that joins it.

Monsoon (July – September) is the perfect time to visit Jaipur. Since, Jaipur does not receive an average amount of rain, sightseeing and other outdoor activities doesn’t get interfered. The temperature during this time ranges between 27 degrees to 34 degree celcius, making it slightly cooler than summer. This little amount of rain also results in the surroundings looking fresh and radiant, adding to the beauty of the city.

Winter Season (October – March) is the best time to visit the city as the temperature during this comparatively pleasant time ranges anywhere from 8-degree Celcius during the cooler nights to 32-degree Celcius in the day. The cold evening temperatures may even dip to a startling 5-degree Celcius so make sure to carry warm clothing. However, since Winters are a preferred time to visit Jaipur, the city maybe is extremely crowded with tourists flocking from different parts of the country. The kite-flying festival in January and The Jaipur Literature festival attracts a lot of tourists to the city.winters.

FAQs on Jaipur

Quiet and peaceful, friendly people, amazing architecture and history of the city, lots of gardens and greenery around, easily accessible, great food, awesome for shopping of handicrafts, jewelry and clothes, host to Jaipur literature festival

Extreme temperatures- very hot in summers,very cold in winter evenings. polluted.

Since people from all over the World visit Jaipur, connectivity is not an issue at all. Jaipur (Sanganer) Airport is well connected to Mumbai, Delhi and other main cities. Jaipur Railway Station is connected to many cities by direct train connections. The place holds a good network of roads, and hence the luxury buses will conveniently connect you to almost all places. history, or teenagers coming in to enjoy a taste of the most amazing kind of nightlife, or just another traveller looking to explore the beautiful city.

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