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Journey of passionate travelers who wanted to create a travel community

About Ghoomly!

In India, only 34% of people travel once a year, in such a beautifully diverse country where we have breathtaking valleys such as Kashmir, Himalaya's and many amazing destination but not have proper eco system to make traveling easy and accessible for all and that's why we had curated Ghoomly.com

A community of travelers to provide the best travel guide to make traveling truly safe, interesting and most important budget-friendly


What we do?

We help people to travel more places and worry less about good suggestions.

Best Destination

We help to find the best travel destinations for your next destination. 

Best Stories

We share the best travel stories to inspire you to travel more.

Budget Friendly

We help you to find travel experience in every budget for everyone.

Meet our team

Meet the team behind Ghoomly.com

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Fardeen Siddiqui

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Mohammad Arbaz

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Ria Aggrawal

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Mannat Kaur

Community Manager
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Namrata Kathuria

Content Strategist
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Abhinav Sharma

Marketing Manager